Radio BAYRAKTAR is a radio station of unprecedented Ukrainian resistance.

This radio is for every Ukrainian who fights, stands at checkpoints, treats, rescues, cooks, cleans, drives, carries, puts out fires, sings, speaks, writes, prays or just quietly believes in the Armed Forces and Ukraine.

During the heroic struggle of Ukrainians against the Russian-fascist tyranny, many war songs were born in Ukraine. Strong, powerful, uncompromising. Songs that became part of our powerful weapon and resistance to the racist onslaught.

We collected and continue to collect the militant creativity of our courageous people and combined them into a completely new radio station.

Music on Radio BAYRAKTAR – patriotic and militant Ukrainian songs.

On the air of Radio BAYRAKTAR we do not say unnecessary words, only the most important and necessary ones. Our strength is the song of the historical war of liberation.

Radio BAYRAKTAR – the music of Ukrainian victory!