Radio Classic

On Radio Classic – no copies or versions. Only the originals are here. Real, precious, refined.

Almost everyone knows these originals, this music. Because it most often sounds in the advertising of brands, or it is the starting point of smartphone manufacturers.

And also, for several years in a row it is impossible to buy tickets for the best performances or concerts at the National Opera or the Philharmonic. Besides, a few months ahead…

Radio Classic – provides peace, confidence, stability. And not only for a selected audience. Now in the FM range, in the Radio Player application and on the website, it is available to everyone. And, by the way, it is expanding its audience quite quickly, especially in the 30+ age category. These people appreciate quality in everything, trust proven brands, but they are also interested in new products. They want to make themselves better, and first of all, they do it with Radio Classic.