Blacksea Games

All-Ukrainian Charity Children’s Festival

Black Sea Games is the largest and most prestigious charity children’s festival in Ukraine, founded by Mykola Bagraev, President of Tavria Games. This festival has become a brand in the professional and media environment. It contains the following activities: vocal competition for children aged 6 to 16; a discussion club with the participation of the jury members of the competition and well-known media persons; a music show featuring Ukrainian stars and other entertaining programs for children and parents.

The main tasks of the festival are: organization of a large charity holiday; search, discovery and development of talented children in Ukraine; promoting a healthy lifestyle; organization of children’s leisure and recreation; promotion of Kherson region as a tourist region; exchange of experience between experienced music professionals and those who are just beginning this journey.

Participation in the festival is free of charge for the contestants. During the three days, the festival’s events are attended by about 48,000 spectators. More than 650,000 users watch the festival’s broadcast on the Internet, more than 200 Black Sea Games receive over 200 publications and stories in the mass media and tens of thousands of reviews on social networks on the M1 channel. This project gives the opportunity to realize the young talents, which is proved by the success of the graduates of the festival.

For children for the future!