Ticket service

We’ve brought together the best team of designers and designers to make the ticket service perfect. We also love music, theater and cinema, and we love our favorite sports teams. So we want every ticket you buy to make you a little happier.


We are united by a spirit of innovation, creativity and irreparable perfectionism. Once a genius gave the world a thousand songs in his pocket. Our goal is to gather thousands of events in one application. We wanted to create not just another ticket service.     At TicketsBox we have seen a real personal assistant who will always be in your smartphone or tablet and with whom you will not worry about where to go on weekends, what to do for your children and how to spend time with the whole family.     Concerts, shows, sports and everything that interests you is at your fingertips. That’s how TicketsBox came about.


The process of booking and purchasing tickets has always been difficult. We decided to change it.

We’ve combined the best of B2C tradition with the latest IT solutions:

  • 3D rendering of halls,
  • an innovative filter system
  • The modern ticketsbox.app mobile app,
  • Reliable payment service.
  • Just select a place in the hall, see what the scene will look like and click buy.


We work with the largest organizers of concerts and touring events, leaders of the national media market. We created a unique business solution for them – TicketCRM.

Our products are integrated with all ticket operators, and the TicketsBox online widget is unmatched in Ukraine. This is how we want to create a single information field and access all the events you care about in one click.