The All-Ukrainian Charitable Tavriyskiy Foundation

Founded in 1998.

Its mission is to support and develop children’s creativity, help children in self-realization and solving urgent problems, preservation and development of the original healthy, educated, cultural future of Ukraine.

Areas of activity of the Fund:

Organization and support of cultural and artistic projects for children and with the participation of children;

Education support;

Support for creativity;

Assistance in obtaining psychological help;

Assistance in obtaining treatment and medical rehabilitation;

Humanitarian help.

The main project of the Foundation is the All-Ukrainian charitable children’s festival ” Chernomorki Games”. The project was implemented 18 times.

After the full-scale invasion of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine, the ACTF focused its activities on helping the children of the war. For this, the charity platform DITY.HELP was created, which collects funds for comprehensive assistance to children who suffered from hostilities and were in the occupation.